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The alignment of business and information technology is essential for enterprises to sustain and build their competitiveness. Our value proposition is founded on the Systemic Enterprise Architecture Method (SEAM), designed and developed by the Systemic Modeling Laboratory at  EPFL in Lausanne.

The Seam Canvas

A powerful tool

In collaboration with the Laboratory of Systemic Modelling of EPFL, we have designed The Seam Canvas in order to quickly and easily use a systemic method to collect business & IT requirements.

We work to ensure that both business and IT requirements are aligned to bridge any gaps in understanding between business and IT professionals. A lack of mutual understanding amongst project stakeholders can lead to mutual mistrust, poor communications and ultimately project failure.

We take a systemic approach to delivering your CRM solution.

Strategy & Vision

We work with you to define the best customer relationship management strategy based on your own vision of your business.

Business & IT Alignment

We ensure that your Salesforce solution will be implemented  according to clearly defined business requirements.

Salesforce Usage

Our deep knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem will ensure that you benefit from the power of Salesforce at its very best.

Scope of Work

Our 3 domains of expertise

01. Lead Generation

Lead Generation is about setting up activities to identify, pre-qualify and track the right Leads.

02. Sales & Marketing

Sales is about converting identifiable leads into quantifiable opportunities and, in turn into satisfied customers buying your products and services​.

03. Customer Service

Customer service is ​about satisfied customers. Providing them with the  after-sales support they need to ensure the full use of your products & services.


Pricing Models For Every Need

Our goal is to allow our clients to benefit from professional services at a fair price. From the smallest start-up to medium-sized and large enterprises,

We also provide projects on a fixed price commitment after undertaking an initial risk analysis.

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